Microsoft Office Training in Victoria BC

Microsoft Office (MS Office) is a group of software applications and services, known as a ‘suite’. It’s often described as a productivity suite, or a desktop publishing suite. Each program is used for carrying out a set of tasks that are common in office settings. Its most popular programs are Microsoft Word for creating standard types of documents, and Microsoft Excel, which is used for creating and managing spreadsheets. There are many other programs in the suite however, which help with things like group presentations and data sharing.

Becoming certified in MS Office programs helps to qualify you for a wide range of job positions across several different industries. In fact, just about any type of business stands to benefit from someone who is proficient in using this software. That’s reflected by its usage which shows that Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite, operating on more than one billion devices worldwide. Some MS Office file formats are widely considered to be the industry standard, and are often required in workplaces.

After thirty years of development and the release of numerous versions, Microsoft Office is known for its reliability and user friendly layouts. It is designed to accommodate different styles of users, and the programs are highly adaptable to users and businesses alike. They offer a comfortable and versatile environment to fulfill most of the computer-related needs of the business. It is also known for being a very safe and secure means of displaying and exchanging information.

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